(last update 4.21.08)
i live in minnesota in an old house that could use a visit from "extreme makeover: home edition". I have a beautiful 3 year old son (h.), an equally beautiful 6 month baby o. and a lovely artsy fartsy husband (j.).

past obsessions: holga photography, spy cameras, pink typewriters, old stamps, old road signs, tuna fish w/ swiss cheese on rice crackers, this american life, photobooths

current obsessions: blogs, vintage paint by numbers, cowboys, drinking wine, remaining being a stay-at-home mom, sewing

favorite movies: its a wonderful life, goonies, romancing the stone

favorite music: edif piaf, tori amos

favorite podcast:

favorite food: sushi

favorite wine: Biale Black Chicken Zinfandel

favorite book genre: "girl leaves country, girl travels to italy/france/spain, girl buys broken down farm house, girl falls in love with both house, countryside and townfolk, girl renovates, girl writes book"

wallet man: daniel craig


Wine, sewing, reading about great food, eating great food, vintage photos, being a mom, being a better person, other blogs for inspiration, bookmaking...